Dreamcast port of Half-Life finally released…on PC

See if you can wrap your head around this one:

Eleven years after its last minute cancellation, the Gearbox-developed Dreamcast port of Half-Life is finally going to be playable to PC gamers. That’s right–a PC game, ported to the Dreamcast, ported back to the PC. 

Aside from the obvious visual improvements, the Dreamcast version offers a fair amount of exclusive features, including new NPC models, redesigned areas, and a tweaked difficulty that accomodates the Dreamcast’s one-stick control scheme.

Anyone interested in trying this out? As someone who has had the pleasure of playing a bit of it, I can certainly stand behind this as a distinct port that’s worth trying out. There isn’t that much new content, but the little Dreamcast-themed surprises and entirely unique visual additions are a nice little treat for any Sega obssessive.

[Source: Dreamcast Junkyard]

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