Sega vs Capcom: Dreams of an Obsessed Fanboy, Part III

Who’s this week’s character gonna be?  Here’s a hint: She’s a brick… HOUSE!  Yeah, she’s mighty mighty, just a’lettin’ it all hang out!  Hit the jump, jive sucka!

Yeah, she’s the one–the only one–built like an Amazon!  Chances are everybody reading this article is too young to remember that song, but I’m afraid it had to be done.  This week’s character comes to us from Godlen Axe–a Sega classic, if there ever was one.  Enjoy!




  • Stooball

    Tom, are you going to have a page with all the artwork you’ve done for this? These are fantastic!

  • Hey, Stooball! Thanks!

    Oh, you mean like a group shot or something? That’s a good idea! I probably will. 😀

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