Screenshots of Bayonetta Reigning Anarchy

As mentioned yesterday, Bayonetta will be taking part in the good fight in Anarchy Reigns. Hit the jump to see some screenshots of everyone’s favorite witch, as well as some information regarding some new websites related to Anarchy Reigns.

Hello, darlings!

"Am I just in time for the party?"

Sega of Japan has revamped  their website for the game, and have also launched a YouTube channel. Platinum games will be launching a site on March 29. If there was ever a time to get excited for this game after it’s delay, now is the time. Are you pumped? Are you ready to jump into the pit and mix things up a bit? Comment below to let us know!

[Source: Andriasang]

  • Rob95D

    Starting to gain a bit of interest in Anarchy lately and this just makes me want to play it more. Playing as bayonetta would be awesome!

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