Sega / Capcom / Bandai crossover is….an RPG.

Try to stay stoic.

Well, the relevance of the upcoming mega cross-over game featuring Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai to the English speaking world just vanished. According to Go Nintendo, Project X Zone (hopefully that is a working title) is an upcoming RPG featuring characters from various properties owned by the three gaming giants.

A cross-over RPG featuring the copyrighted characters of numerous video game franchises spread out across three gaming companies? Well, there are always fan-translations, right? Maybe a Tatsunoko vs Capcom style miracle will happen here but for now I am pretty disappointed.

What were they thinking?

[Source: Go Nintendo]


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  1. This was pretty much what I expected as it sounds like a similar game to Namco X Capcom on the PS2. I’d be interested if it was a standard JRPG but since it’s more of a SRPG it’s probably not for me. Plus, the Sega characters they picked are quite obscure which surprised me.

  2. Welp. My interest has severely dropped now. I’m still curious to see screenshots, but I probably won’t pick this game up now since SRPG’s are one of the few genres I just can’t get into.

  3. I’m surprised to say that I’m still really excited by this news. Like Alex said, the Sega characters are really obscure, and I’m curious to see if the story and world will have references to the rest of each publisher’s library. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a good RPG, and this random mishmash of characters is enough to get me interested. Resident Evil characters, Ulala, and Zero in the same adventure? Yes, please.

    Anyway, I highly doubt this will ever make it to the US, so I’m just trying to keep myself from getting too invested.

  4. I think it could be a cool game and all but even though I dont play fighters even the ones with sexy characters I’d still prefer to see how that would pan out!… I hope they choose to team up together to make racing games, fighting games and other genes of games!

  5. Oh gosh, am I the only fella here that isn’t phased by this news? I kinda like the idea.

    • I think it’s an idea that works and not that surprising. I just don’t enjoy the SRPG genre that much and while it’s cool the characters are kind of obscure, none of them are ones I’m very familiar with. If it does make it to the West I might check it out just due to curiosity. If it was a true JRPG I would be incredibly excited though.

  6. No Asuka.

    No Sakura.

    No Sonic.

    No buys.

  7. So am I expecting a weird new Kingdom Hearts type of series? hah hah

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