Fan project sees Sonic Unleashed potentially coming to the PC

The PC version of Sonic Generations seems to be a wonderful gift descended from the heavens in the eyes of modders, and considering the short period of time the game has been available, we have already reported on some very promising mods. Sonic Retro members Dario FF, Twilightzoney and Chimera have taken their modding ambitions one step beyond and seem very close to completely converting all non-werehog levels from Sonic Unleashed into levels that can be played through Sonic Generations. They’ve even managed to import all breakable objects from Unleashed, as well as its unique Global Illumination Ambiance lighting effects, so that converted levels look as close to their original forms as possible.

I urge you all to watch the impressive video above, and please be sure to let it run to the very end for a very welcome surprise. I early await the next news on this project and others from this trio of modders, as it would seem that Sonic Unleased is just the beginning.

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  • BigSkorpy

    Looks impressive, but would anyone want that? Wouldn’t a Sonic Colours port with improved resolution better?

  • eyeofhorus

    It does look beautiful, I’m going to keep an eye out for this

  • @BigSkorpy

    Well, many people would consider the gameplay in the modern Sonic sections of Sonic Generations to be an improvement over Unleashed. Add in the fact that you may possibly be able to use the abilities from Sonic generations including Super Sonic, and it starts sounding more appealing. Lets not forget that Sonic Unleashed was not released for PC, so PC users may possibly be able to play the non-werehog levels soon through Generations.

    Even so, I agree with what you’re saying about Sonic Colours, I’d love to see that game running through Sonic Generations on a high-spec computer.

  • Shugotenshi

    Oh man, I’m hype for this game. When will be out?!

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