Sonic Riders soundtracks are now on iTunes

While not a particularly popular franchise in the West, it seems that Japan has taken the Sonic Riders games to heart. This has been proved by the motion controlled Sonic Free Riders raking enough in it’s home territory to warrant a celebration. And by ‘celebration’ Sega means ‘an excuse to release some stuff on iTunes’.

The stuff in questions are the soundtracks for all 3 Sonic Riders games, and the date is right now. You heard right, the music has gotten such a great reception that you can in fact buy them on the Japanese iTunes store for about $10 a pop. Here’s the original game, it’s first sequel and the recent Sonic Free Riders. Don’t worry, you can also get ’em in their localized Western versions. So once again it is proved that Sega really likes their soundtrack releases. But which one would you like next? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Sonic Wrecks]

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  1. This is random, but cool.

    Without a doubt, I would love to see the Sonic Generations OST released and perhaps with a few bonus tracks (Pumpkin Hill Remix, anyone?). I know you could buy the physical copy of Sonic Gen’s OST, but like most imports I wasn’t completely comfortable paying $10-20 more than I would within my own country.

    Or I would be ok with an album entirely dedicated to Knux and his PHAT BEATS.

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