Vampire: Master of Darkness is coming to the 3DS Virtual console

The ESRB has once again proven itself to be a great source for videogame announcements. After several other Game Gear titles had been leaked by the rating board, a little known game called Vapire: Master of Darkness has been leaked there too. What you can see above is the amazing cover for the EU version. The video over at Siliconera shows that it plays a lot like Castlevania and feature some good music too.

I’m definitely looking forward to this game coming to the 3DS Virtual Console, as the Game Gear emulator on there is pretty much perfect and it lets me discover all those games I have never even heard of before.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. What great news. Although it is little known, Master of Darkness is a pretty stellar CastleVania clone. Graphics are much better than the NES games, the soundtrack is amazing, control is very responsive, and best of all it has a really cool story told through fairly animated cutscenes – a rarity for its time. It was one of the best games on the Master System/Game Gear and it’s pretty special that SEGA still cares enough about it to give it a chance once more. Buy this!

    Also, the Master System artwork is a lot better:

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