House of the Dead 3 is between 30% and 50% off on PSN this week

If you’re as sweaty and uncomfortable as I am, you know what I mean when I say that summertime is in full swing. That comes with a bevy of seasonal perks, like watermelon, cookouts, blockbuster movies, and beaches. But if you’re a gamer, the sweltering summer sun comes with another exciting promise–digital download sales!

Starting July 3rd (tomorrow) and going on through the end of the week, Sony will be promoting their creatively named “Summer Sale 2012,” and will be offering significant price cuts on 11 different games, with a 30% discount going to normal users and a chunky 50% discount going to Playstation Plus members.

Among these solid games is the Move-supported version of House of the Dead 3, which will now be going for the insanely slim prices of $4.89 and $3.42. While some argue that 3 is one of the weaker entries in the series, I really enjoyed my time with its campy, ridiculous charms. If you were on the fence about it before, now is the time to take the measly $5 leap. Hell, if you don’t have a Move and don’t mind playing a light gun game without a light gun, HOTD 3 even handles surprisingly well with a controller.

The promotion also includes sizable price cuts for Shadow of the Colossus ($13.99/9.79), the full season of Jurassic Park the Game ($13.99/9.79), Gotham City Imposters ($10.49/7.34), and several others.

Anyone planning on picking some of these up? I’m seriously considering snagging Jurassic Park myself, but anybody who knows me has already assumed that.

 [Source: Gaming Blend]

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  1. The Jurassic park game is really good!!!
    I snagged the first episode for free the other day on my ipad, it has a really interesting story and the ending of the first episode ends on a really good cliff hanger!
    You should definitely get it!!!

  2. Damn it Sony, I bought HotD 3 yesterday and now this. The 50% price cut sounds awesome tho. It’s propably time to get a new PSN Card.

  3. Maybe Jurassic Park was easier to control on the iPad, but holy crap it was clunky on PC. It felt super sloppy. And not in a Super Sloppy Double Dare kinda way.

  4. I love that these comments are more about Jurassic Park than they are about HOTD3, haha.

    Yeah, I’ve heard some very negative things on the game, but the idea of a playing any modern Jurassic Park game is just too much for me to ignore, especially if its an original story.

    • The one good thing that came from TellTale’s Jurassic Park is I believe the gameplay for Walking Dead was an evolution of what that game started. Speaking of which after finishing the 2nd episode of Walking Dead I think I have a new favorite zombie game.

  5. Well despite all the warnings I’ve heard, I literally just purchased Jurassic Park on my PS3. I…just can’t resist.

    • That’s funny as I got it with my purchase of the Walking Dead and just started it today. It’s not bad so far. Very QTE heavy but I’m enjoying it.

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