Forget Angry Birds, I need to tag some turf! Jet Set Radio confirmed for iOS and Android

I feel like this was expected, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The Jet Set Radio HD remake will be making its way to Android and iOS phones and tablets this summer as confirmed by Sega. This leaves just the 3DS in the dust, which is a tad disappointing as I could see the touch screen working well with Jet Set, but Nintendo would need to realize what the internet is first. Oh but I jest.

OpenFeint and Retina display will also play a part with JSR HD as one will be able to use the device’s camera for in-game graffitti. Facebook will also play a role as you’ll be able to upload achievements for all your friends to see.

So which way are you going to play Jet Set Radio HD? Let us know before I steal your dog and throw him in some rollerblades and 3D glasses.

[Source: EuroGamer]

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