PC modder brings Emerald Coast into Sonic Generations

Trust the PC gamers to increase the longevity of our favourite current-gen Sonic game, Sonic Generations, with their imaginative mods. First we had Modern and Classic Sonic trading places, then we had Sonic’s buddies getting in on the action, and then we had the marvellous footage of Sonic Unleashed levels being played on a PC through Sonic Generations. What we have now, as seen in the video above, is a mod bringing the Emerald Coast stage from the first Sonic Adventure into Sonic Generations.

The ambitious modder, known as CorvidDude, has done a fantastic job and the video above proudly shows off 3D and 2D sections as well as modifications to the level itself to accommodate these two types of gameplay. Other goodies include the use of Super Sonic, Sonic Adventure sounds and a tantalising peak at what may be a Classic Sonic level.

I really love these mods and only wish I had a computer capable of running the PC version of Sonic Generations, as I’m sure this is still only the beginning, with many more fantastic mods to come.

[Source: TSSZ]

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