Genezap shock collar brings pain into retro Sega games

Have you ever found yourself playing Golden Axe but wanting for a more thrilling experience? Perhaps an electrical one? Well it seems that some maniacs have already done with a device known as the ‘Genezap’. The Genezap is a device created by two French gamers known as ‘Dyak’ and ‘Furrtek’. In the shortened video above you can see them test out the classic Sega beat em up, but with zaps of electrical currents sent through a shock collar every time they lose health.

They even have instructions (in French) on how to hook up your own! So who here is brave enough to try this? In fact screw Golden Axe, we should see what would happen if someone took on Shinobi or Comix Zone! Now the poor soul who tries that, I do feel sorry for.


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