New Aliens: Colonial Marines dev diary shows love for the Pulse Rifle

Since the game is a while off Sega has been pumping out developer diary videos to fuel the hype for the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. And while the previous developer diary showed off Gearbox’s love for the series, this new video caters to the combat side of things. Viewable above, the new video features interviews on the array of Aliens inspired weaponry in the game, and just how great it’s going to feel using them to mow down those pesky Xenomorphs.

As you can tell from the video it’s easy to see the developers love for the game’s weapons, especially the pulse rifle which gets a huge amount of love. But what are you excited to see in this game? Would you rather hear more about the story, or level design? Well I’m sure those are future topics for more videos since the game’s 2013 release date is so far away. In the meantime you can stick with us for all your Aliens: Colonial Marines goodness!

[Source: Sega]

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