Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed WiiU demo gameplay footage

The video above shows a member of GamesRadar playing the entirety of the WiiU version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s first Seaside Hill / Ocean Palace track. The video shows a non-final build of the game being played on the new WiiU controller, the display of which is shown in the video. The commentary describes frame rate and control scheme issues, along with a distracting WiiU touch pad display as negatives.

In my opinion, the only real cause for concern is a potentially awkward control scheme as the WiiU touch screen can be ignored, and frame rate issues would hopefully be dealt with before release. I was a little disappointed to see that the majority of the gameplay footage could have been taken straight from the original All-Stars Racing game i.e. the same kind of track design and style, the exact same handling on-road and the same boosting system. It is only one the final lap that we see an on-water section, where I am glad to see a difference in handling for Sonic’s boat. But no air section. Perhaps not the best track to showcase? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Source: TSSZ]

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  1. Oof. That framerate is looking pretty chunky. I hope it gets cleaned up.

    I agree that this may not be the track to use for showcasing, but I’m also just shocked that there are any tracks as “transform”-free as this one. After all, it’s the central conceit of the game. Eh, maybe they’re just trying to convey that players looking for basic racing experiences will have something to play as well.

    I will say that I don’t agree that the mechanics look the same. It looks a lot closer to something sleeker, faster, and less weapon-based like Wipeout to me, rather than the frumpier, light-hearted kart racer feel of the first game. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. It’s the elephant in the room – the whole ‘look down’ at the tablet has played poorly on test and looks like it dose not add, but detracts, from the majority of games using this element – also the inability for a second tablet to be added without performance impact was a shocker.

    Fundamentally, Nintendo are laying on the heavy pressure to ensure that the Wii-U is received the way they want it too! Would not be surprised if an official statement is released about the frame -rate issues seen on a number of games at the launch!!!!

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