Sega fan dodgykebaab treats us to some good ol' British telly

My new best friend and Youtube user has uploaded over two hours of video-taped footage of Sega related telly from 1992-1993. Not only that, but it’s good ol’ British telly, the very same stuff that got me, me kept me hooked to Sega until… Well, now!

I was only 4-5 years old when this stuff was on, but watching the video is an absolute delight and a real trip down memory lane. I remember watching Games Master, Bad Influence and Big Breakfast religiously. I mean, look at how young Chris Evans is, it’s ridiculous!

The video is quite lengthy, but I strongly suggest that you all have at least a peak. At a time when the entire world wasn’t in constant communication with each other, Sega had significantly different marketing campaigns for different regions. So get yourself a saveloy and some mushy peas, tell your Aunt Maurine to put t’kettle on and ‘ave a butcher’s at us Brits go on about our Mega Drives.

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