October 2012


All Outta Tea: Part IV

To outsiders, the small British village of Glumleigh, West Yorkshire, may seem to be a dank, grey place of mediocrity, where its meagre population survive the way their ancestors had always done, tolling the harsh lands and rearing their livestock. But behind closed doors, when nights draw dark, and storms…


Retro Review: Splatterhouse 3

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than with gory movies, a few pranks, rotting your teeth out with bowls of candy, and of course one of the most unnecessarily grotesque video games on the Sega Genesis: Splatterhouse 3. But does Splatterhouse 3 really live up to its name…


What We Were Playing: 10/30/2012

Update: Due to site problems I wasn’t able to include Michael in this week’s article until now. It’s in there now though so have a read! Hello once again friendly folks and welcome to this weekly celebration of what games the Sega Addicts staff have been playing over the week….