Sega employment ad seeks "fans of Virtua Fighter" to help with series

Sega of Japan posted a job-listing the other day to fill 3 job positions working with AM2 on the Virtua Fighter series. The positions include such tasks as game production, working on the website, and planning events. The description also adds “Virtua Fighter Series Lover” as a possible requirement. Deadline for admittance ends on December 7th, and the job begins on February 1, 2013. Could this be a job relating to the recent AM2 Model re-releases? Could there be a new Virtua Fighter in the works? The 20th anniversary of the series is coming up in 2013 afterall, so maybe a celebration is in order via a new game? Virtua Fighter Generations? Ok I’ll stop. But you should start in the comments below!

[Source: Sega Bits]

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