Sonic XG fan game preview looks very promising

Sonic fan Joseph Waters has been busy working away at his 2D fan game Sonic XG and has recently released the above preview video. The game is already looking pretty cool, with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles being playable over a range of imaginative levels. New power ups are shown, including a strange cloning effect, and chaos emeralds can be collected to enable super forms.

I love watching videos of fans games such as Sonic After the Sequel and Sonic ERaZor that aim to extend the the 2D Sonic gaming experience. I just hope a final version of Sonic XG is at some point completed and released. Check out the demo here.

The ‘XG’ stands for ‘Extended Genesis’ by the way.

[Source: TSSZ]

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  1. Youtube user MegaGWolf has a bunch of Sonic fangame & hack reviews if that boats your float.

    Most recently (and notably) is Sunak the Beefhog, which you should already have installed.

    • Someone alert Sega. We’ve found Sonic 5.

      • I mean, not only does it navigate the entire Sonic universe and lore bringing closure to thousands of plot threads, it SEAMLESSLY weaves in the emotional core of all fandom itself to produce the most emotionally satisfying and polished videogame to ever ask “What is a Sonic?”

        • It’s a lead into a ‘Infinite Crisis’ type situation whereby Sega can kill off all unnecessary characters, completely rebooting the series with a minimalistic retelling of Sonic’s origins i.e. whatever’s in Sunak the Beefhog 2.

          • hey there im the creator of the game sunak the beefhog sadly halfway through the creation of sunak 2 the program i was using to make the game just up and stopped working, i am currently working on a new sunak project that is a parody of sonic cronicles called sunak crayon-nipples thanks for the comments about my game

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