Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 121 – Acclaim on Sega Part 7

Sega Addicts Episode 121

On this week’s episode we finally make it to the 32-bit era as we discuss not one but two Saturn games released by Acclaim. Unfortunately, they’re NFL Quarterback Club ’96 and Robotica but things will improve, right?

In addition, there’s some discussion on the mess that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, Batman Forver, Spider-man: The Animated Series and everyone’s favorite George Foreman Grill simulator, Foreman For Real for the Genesis.

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  1. Episode 121 already!? Wow, time flies!

  2. Ya know at first I was thinking “oh boy this acclaim series is going I be a grind.” But the more I listen, the more I’m loving it! Maybe it’s the groans from the guys, maybe it’s hearing Alex pull rank “no guys, we ARE doing this”, or maybe it’s that bad games are inherently hilarious to hear people dump on, but this stuff is great!

    I recently got nostalgic and listened to all of the acclaim SA episodes a second time, they totally hold up.

    • Haha. Thanks shiggidy. I think Tom made a similar point last episode regarding how it was the terrible games that were the most fun to talk about. When we come to the popular games like Mortal Kombat there’s not much to say yet Kids on Site is pretty entertaining to research and discuss. I hope you’re looking forward to many more Acclaim episodes! I know Kris is…

  3. Are the listener questions on hiatus?

    Ill ask one on here off the top of my head. Do you think you’ve already hit upon acclaims worst game already, or is it still to come? If you’ve already done it, which was it?

    Any radio play theaters in the foreseeable future? I recently came into possession of a monocle and top hat, and would like to gather the whole family around the transistor radio and sip on wine while enjoying a smashing good auditory journey. Also I enjoy run-on sentences.

    • @shiggidy – I’ve just been lazy and haven’t gotten a listener question post up for a few weeks. Starting next episode I’ll get it going again and include these wonderful questions! We are skipping this week’s episode as I’m unable to record but next week we’ll be back as usual with Acclaim Part 8 of 245.

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