Unleashed mod released for Sonic Generations on PC

Remember how in-between the terrible medal collecting and werehog stages there was actually a good game in Sonic Unleashed? Well, it seems a group of Sonic Generations modders felt the same way as they’ve done some amazing work and ported the eight main daytime levels to the PC versions of Generations.

In addition to just being able to play these levels with Generations the modders have also went an extra mile and reworked the hub world, level progression, added higher-res textures, tighter controls and the customizable skills from Generations.

With the mod scene surrounding the PC version of Generations I’m getting more and more tempted to pick up a copy in addition to my 360 version. I did find moments of Unleashed to be incredibly good but I don’t think I could ever replay the game in it’s entirety again so this is looking like a great second option. Anyone out there have the game on PC and tried any mods out for it?

[Source: Sonic Retro]

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