Rejoice! Project X Zone has an English trailer

The first trailer for the Western release of the epic 3DS crossover Project X Zone has finally hit the web and boy what a video it is! The promotional material (viewable above) contains all the action we’ve come to have seen from the Japanese footage, but with Western subtitles to help us know what’s finally happening! This trailer comes hot on the heels of the game’s recent Western release announcement, an unlikely event which shocked and delighted fans of all three companies.

Project X Zone is bound to be released in America on June 25th. As a special treat for “for the fans” Namco Bandai are producing free limited editions available to all those who buy the game on launch for the $39.99 price. The limited edition will feature a mini-art book, poster, and music CD. Indeed this is great news for worried fans who never even thought they’d get this game to begin with! Now if we could all just buy it when it comes out to justify this…

[Source: Destructoid]

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