Castle of Illusion remake coming this Summer


Sega has officially confirmed that the HD remake of Castle of Illusion is a real thing and it will be coming to XBLA, PSN and PC this Summer. Developed by the soon to be defunct Sega Studios Australia, the game has been designed closely with the original creator and keeps many of the iconic elements intact. In addition, they will be adding some new features that were originally planned for the 16-bit classic but scrapped due to technical limitations.

Overall, I have high hopes for this remake but it’s rather unfortunate it will be Sega Studios Australia’s swan song. It also doesn’t appear to be coming to the WiiU, which isn’t too surprising. Anyone else looking forward to the remake? Do you have fond memories of the original? What do you think about the lack of a WiiU release?

[Source: Inside the Magic]

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  1. I totally have the original game and is a classic for me. I must admit the HD screenshot looks really nice.

  2. As long as Mickey doesn’t say anything, I’m all up for it.

    Can’t stand that guy’s voice.

  3. i never played it but i know is a legend of the platforming genre, great news !!

  4. Actually looks pretty good, hope it does the original justice

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