Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on its way

If you didn’t catch the teaser Famitsu let fly last week (and the accompanying video posted above), it has now been confirmed that the unannounced Dead or Alive related project is Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. As is tradition for modern fighters at this point, the re-release will feature additional characters and features, though the only unlock so far confirmed is Mojimi, making an appearance from the Ninja Gaiden franchise.

Though we don’t know any further information, you can rest assured the game will make it to current generation consoles Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but maybe it’ll find itself blurring the generations much like Dead or Alive 2 did and featuring next gen.

It’s hardly likely but with the certainty of more characters, maybe we can be hopeful and expect Ryo from Shenmue to make an appearance. If you guys could pick any unrelated Sega character to make a cameo and join the roster, who would it be?

[Source: VG427]

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  1. Lan Di would be cool, or you know, Lau Chan

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