Road Redemption meets its Kickstarter goal

Road Funded

The spiritual Road Rash successor Road Redemption has officially met its Kickstarter goal. The goal was $160,000, and was actually surpassed at $182,791. If you are a Road Rash fan like me, you are probably pretty excited about the potential of this game. With the help of PayPal donations, DarkSeas Games plans on meeting their first stretch goal of bringing Road Redemption to Xbox Live Arcade. DarkSeas Games plans on releasing Road Redemption on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and Wii U in August of 2014, with the XBLA port to follow shortly after. I happily donated to the cause and can’t wait to bash some heads with my baseball bat online. How about you?

[Source: KickStarter]

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  1. That’s awesome news! It should be worth the wait. Might as well play some of the original in the meantime.

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