Shadow models and textures found in new Sonic Dash update


Sonic Dash recently received a huge patch for iOS which added a whole load of new content, including new power-ups and missions. What it didn’t openly mention is that it also added Shadow’s textures and model to the game.

That mess of colours above? Yep, that’s a crop of a texture map for Shadow. Discovered by Woun over at Russian fansite Sonic Scene, the files were found in the iPad 3 & 4 hi-res texture pack. Although currently unplayable, an upcoming patch from Hardlight to unveil the character is almost certain.

If you haven’t already played Sonic Dash, the game recently went free to play and comes well recommended from us. How do you think Shadow will play differently to Sonic?

[Source: tssznews]

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  1. Hilario Garcia July 16, 2013 @ 2:32 PM

    Sega just showed a pic on Facebook and it showed Shadow and on the top left, it showed the Sonic Dash logo! The description said “Get ready for the ultimate challenge!” So Shadow will be in the next Sonic Dash update!! 😀 Check Facebook if you don’t believe me! Search Sonic the Hedgehog on Facebook and see for yourself!

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