Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate – Jacky Bryant and Ein teaser trailer


In addition to the announcement that Jacky Bryant and Ein will be joining the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate crew, a video teaser has been released revealing some gameplay from this title. Thanks Team Ninja!

Personally, my favourite part of the video was Christie dressed as a saucy little policewoman. What can I say? Dead or Alive staying true to form. Other than that, the trailer boasts new stages and other new character outfits. A “lost world” type arena shows scenic pillars being used to cause, what we can only assume is, additional damage. Have a watch – it’s all very exciting.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is to be released on both Xbox 360 and PS3, hitting the shelves of Japan on 5th September, while making itself available to us western folk sometime in the Autumn. Are you excited?!

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