3D Space Harrier coming to EU eShop, US release "likely"


Retro Sega fans may have something new to celebrate, as 3D Space Harrier, released for 3DS in Japan last year, is reportedly making the trek westward.

Last week at London’s MCM Expo, our own Michael Westgarth got his hands on a playable, fully localized version of the game at the Nintendo Unleashed exhibition. According to representatives at the event, 3D Space Harrier is indeed on its way to Europe’s 3DS eShop, with “other 3D Sega titles” in the pipeline.

Any information regarding an American release is still foggy, though Nintendo’s representative did offer some tentative encouragement, stating that such a release is “likely.”

With the long-awaited announcement that more Game Gear titles are making their way to western markets, one can only hope that more 3D enhanced titles like this one will be bringing up the rear. At the very least a localization of 3D Sonic the Hedgehog would certainly pay for itself.

[Source: Technology Tell]

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  1. I really need to sit down and play Space Harrier for more than five minutes. That boss looks gnarly.

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