Wimbledon champion Andy Murray plays Sonic to calm the nerves


Maybe the excitement I have for this news is originates from my place of birth (God save the Queen and all that) but Andy Murray – winner of the most recent Wimbledon tournament – has declared his trick for calming the nerves before a big game: Sonic.

The news was revealed in an interview with British newspaper The Sun; not a high quality newspaper by any means, it’s no surprise they didn’t take the time to specify which Sonic title Andy played, which I’d like to think is the question on all our minds. We did put Sega Superstars Tennis in our top 10 Wii titles, but maybe there’s even more to the game than we first thought…

Andy Murray is the first British Wimbledon in 77 years and currently ranked second in the world. I start my intensive Sega Superstars Tennis training immediately.

[Source: Twitter via Sonic Stadium]