Sega launches Kingdom Conquest 2 comeback campaign

SEGA ADDICTS Kingdom Conquest 2

If you happen to play Sega’s mobile game Kingdom Conquest 2, but haven’t logged into it in a long time, now might be your perfect chance to start playing again. Sega has launched a “comeback campaign” for players who haven’t logged into the game between June 25th and July 25th.

If you haven’t played Kingdom Conquest 2 during that period, you’ll receive a big prize called the “Super Luxurious Eleven Item Set”, which includes:

– 150,000 x Crystals
– 400 x Gold Ticket
– 7 x Premium Ticket (Rare)
– 3 x Premium Ticket (Super Rare)
– 400 x Orb Ticket
– +15% all Resource Production Boost (30 days)
– Maximum Cost Boost Set (30 days)
– +30% Monster EXP Boost (30 days)
– +30% Commander EXP Boost (30 days)
– War Support Package (30 days)
– 12 x Combat Points

The promotion will end on September 5th, so make sure to log into the game before that.

[Source: Droid Gamers]

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