Sonic Colors powers are here to stay according to Iizuka

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As we know, Sonic Lost World is going to incorporate some of the abilities from Sonic Colors. In a recent interview with Takashi Iizuka, the leader of Sonic Team, he was asked why Sega decided to bring back the powers from Sonic Colors. The interviewer asked if Sonic Lost World was perhaps a sequel or spin-off to Sonic Colors, which Iizuka replied,

To clarify, the story is completely separate from Colors. It’s not a sequel in that sense. As far as the Color Power implementation, with Sonic Colors, its key unique selling point was its Color Powers. We really like Color Powers as a team, and, moving forward, we intend to make the usage of Color Powers as a standard in future Sonic games as long as it makes matches the playability of the game.

So there you have it. The Colors Powers will be in games where Sonic Team deems fit. I had little experience with Sonic Colors itself, so I can’t say whether or not the powers seem to get in the way of the gameplay, but I know it was somewhat annoying in the level from Sonic Generation based around Sonic Colors. If they can incorporate the powers in a way that doesn’t seem shoe-horned, then I say go for it. What do you think? Does Sonic need flashy power-ups for the game to be fun? Or is he fine the way he’s always been?

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking on the source link, where Iizuka is also asked about the minimalistic level design in Sonic Lost World, and the differences in the development process between classic and modern Sonic games, among other things.

[Source: Sega Nerds]

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