VG247 unveils new Castle of Illusion footage

Castle of Illusion‘s first level always stuck out to me as a kid. With a combination of wonderful pixel art, jaunty music, and imaginative design, it was a great introduction to one of the Mega Drive’s best titles. It’s good then to see that the new Castle of Illusion remake kept this in mind and similarly has a fun and effective first stage. In a video demonstrated by the good folks at VG247, (viewable above) we can see the first level of the remake in action, and as we can see it features new challenges, detailed graphics, and a cartoony sense of fun.

This really is looking up to be a charming experience that knows it’s roots, and I’m extremely happy to see that this remake has taken the classic appeal of the original and translated it for a new generation. Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse is set for release in early September and you can look out for our review when that period rolls along. Until then all we can do is drool over this footage and maybe pop in the original.

[Source: VG247]