Play 16-bit Sega games in your browser!


In the mood to play some classic 16-bit Sega games, but don’t want to download a emulator. Well you’re in luck! has a flash version of every single Genesis game to play for free. Unfortunately You can only play these games with a keyboard and not a Genesis USB controller or any controller for that matter. Also, as this is run using Flash, you will not be able to run these games on a IOS device, though it is possible to run it on a Android device.

So, will you be playing Sega games on this website now, or do you prefer to play them on your good old fashioned Sega Genesis?

[Source: IntoMobile]

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  1. Very cool! According to their FAQ you can indeed use a controller, using joy2key

  2. if you’ve got a wiimote bluetoothed to ur pc, glovepie has your keyboard only webgames answers. that’s how i play facebook tetris.

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