What We’ve Been Playing: 9/7/13

Three friends playing video games while drinking beer and one of them looks slightly sad on the inside.

I think there’s something tragic about this picture…

What have we got in store for you this week? Turtles? Fighting games? Turtles again? Or even more animal based fun? I don’t know! But if you want to find out for yourself then you can hit the jump and read all about what videogames the writers of Sega-Addicts have been playing in their downtime. Are you excited? I sure am!

Mike Kyzivat:

Still chugging away at Fallout 3. I’m sooooo close… so, very, very, close. I have now finished the Pitt expansion and am about half way through the final DLC: the Alien abduction missions. Man those little buggers can take a hit! I’ve freed everyone out of cryo sleep, now I just need to destroy three generators and then do the moon walk on the outside of the ship. Then the only mission (well the only mission with a achievement) I have left to do is the Nuka-cola challenge. Unfortunately I started this quest very late in the game and so have already drank most of the nuka-cola in the game, as well as the quantum. Luckily I got the perk that changes 10 regular nuka-colas into a quantum so slowly but surely I’ll have them.

I’m also re-discovering BlazBlue and all it’s face meltingly awesome animation. I had forgotten how much I had forgotten about this game. Like how cool everything looks in this game and how great the animation is. I really didn’t play this game as much as I should have when I bought it, I don’t even think I’ve unlocked all the Astral Finishes either.

I really need a joystick in order to do arakune’s combos properly. I can’t wait to get continuum shift, and I can’t wait for the new Guilty Gear as well.

blazblueScott Morrison:
Immediately after writing last week’s ‘What We’ve Been Playing’ for myself, I started playing Tokyo Jungle on PS3. I have a difficult time explaining the concept of the game to people, and an even more difficult time explaining why I find it so charming. To sum up the plot, mankind has disappeared and animals have taken over the city, including house pets. You control different animal species and simply try to survive as long as possible by claiming areas of the city to nest and then continue your family for generations to come. It really is an interesting game, and the difficulty increases as you progress, but you need to learn quickly in order to continue your breed’s survival. Something about Tokyo Jungle is very addictive, and the fact that you unlock chapters in Story Mode based on items found in Survival Mode (yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either) causes you to play the game, ‘just one more time’, over and over again until unlocking that one awesome animal like the wolf or jackal. Oh, and taking out a full-grown horse as a pack of Pomeranians is unnaturally satisfying.

I’ve also been playing Rayman Legends, and it’s everything I expected from a sequel to one of the best platformers this generation. I’ll try to keep this brief because I really could go on forever about the game. Basically it’s bigger, more detailed, and so much more in depth. It’s clear that little was changed from the game originally having the Wii U in mind, which is a shame in some areas where you randomly have to use half the controller to move platforms while running across them. That aside the mini-games, daily challenges, and amazing music-based levels make the game an excellent evolution from Rayman Origins.

And I still suck at Resident Evil. Damn you, Wesker.

rayman legends

Anthony Pershkin:
I’ve spent an entire day playing Killer is Dead to completion. I’ve always been a fan of Suda51, so naturally I really enjoyed my time with the game. The story this time around was very vague even by Suda standards. It’s the same way of presenting the narrative as Killer7, but perhaps lacking a certain amount of depth. The gameplay on the other hand is surprisingly fun. The battle system is not terribly deep, but it is entirely skill-based. ‘Just guard’ and ‘perfect dodge’ are the central mechanics, so you play the game in a more defensive way than you would expect.

Then I had the misfortune to experience TMNT: Out of the Shadows. I said ‘experience’ because I don’t think I was able to actually play this broken mess of a game. And it’s a shame, since it looks like it could’ve been cool if it was at least somewhat playable. Oh well… I hoped the game based on a Nickelodeon show would will be better.



Stevie Grant:

This week I played Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for Press Pause Radio. Unfortunately I can’t say anything about it just yet… however it does give me a chance to recommend the first game: The Dark Descent. I know it spawned a lot of memes and stuff when it first came out but trust me, it’s still a very tense experience. And it may be the only one of it’s kind in that it’s truly terrifying. So if you’re looking forward to A Machine for Pigs, but haven’t touched the first, I would definitely do that before the latter comes out.

Otherwise I’ve been playing something that won’t get me in trouble! The new Castle of Illusion! And boy… that game is short. I managed to beat it in one sitting. However it was still a fun journey and it definitely lives up to it’s origins in a lot of aspects. I’m also covering it’s review for this on Sega-Addicts (this very site, imagine that!) so be on the look out for that in the very near future!


And that’s it for this week! Once again if you would like to join in then feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to get back to you! We really do appreciate your participation. So until next week, good night and good fright!

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