RetroN 5 $99.99 preorder price is hard to resist

The fine folks at Hyperkin have finally opened pre-orders for their newest project: The RetroN 5. The multi-format wonder-machine is a retro emulation dream come true. It includes five cartridge slots for NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. It also includes a wireless controller, as well as ports for all the original controllers, and it all connects with a nice and neat HDMI cable.

All for $99.99.

This is without a doubt the most comprehensive emulation console ever invented, and we should all be excited for this! It comes out December 10th in the US and UK.

[Source: Joystiq]

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Cool. That joystick looks sketchy. Awesome how we can use original controllers though.

  2. Absolutely killer price point! Must be super cheap to make these consoles, I’m very surprised.

    • This look like a legitimate replacement for my non-HD retro consoles, which is kinda a shame and a blessing at the same time.

      I’m going to wait until the thing is out first though, as the emulation may be off and I’m wary about just how the HDMI output will look.

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