Contest: Win Typing of the Dead: Overkill!

20131104-152511_10552407953_f684306709_o-1Excited about Typing of the Dead: Overkill‘s surprise release, but don’t feel like dropping $20 bucks on it right out of the gate? Well, good news! We’ve been given two Steam codes for the game to give away to you lovely people. So to commemorate not just the release of the game, but also our redesign, we’re running two contests at the same time for the codes!

For the first contest, your task is to create another “Typing” spinoff for a Sega franchise. For example, a Sonic game where you have to type a word to clear large gaps? Or, a Shenmue spinoff where you type in the names of your attacks? The possibilities are endless. Simply mock up a screenshot, and post it, along with an explanation of how the typing mechanics would work and how they would fit in your game’s storyline, in the comments of this entry, and you’re entered.

The second contest is basically the reverse of the first. This time, your task is to pitch us another completely-out-there “____ of the Dead” spinoff, which would replace “Typing” with any other sort of ridiculous or mundane activity. Just post the title of your game, describe the ridiculously expensive, useless-for-practically-any-other-game controller it’d come with, how the activity fits into gameplay and storyline, and then give us your most kickass tagline, and you’re entered.

This contest will end on November 20th, and if you’d like to enter both contests to have a better chance of winning, you can! The winners will be determined by a staff vote, and will be notified by email with their shiny new Steam codes.

So, good luck, and have fun. We can’t wait to see what you fine folks come up with.

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  1. I think an interesting typing game would be a variant of the Hatsune Miku Project Diva rhythm game series from Sega. In the “Typing of” version, you’d have to type out the lyrics of the song in time with the music and following visual cues on screen.

    Screenshot mockup:

  2. I’ll give a shot at contest 2…

    Game Name: running of the dead

    Accessory: Wearable usb bull horns

    In this game you are the bull and by tapping the buttons of your keyboard wsad style you run and chase down the dead that have overtaken your village. Once you get close to your prey… it’s not just running up in a charge with the space bar… you need to shove your horns into their rotted flesh… wearing the bull horns above you need to move your horns on cue to skewer the approaching horde.

    Tagline: Be the bull… not the Zombie hamburger

  3. I think I’ll share an idea.

    Game Name: Surfing of the Dead

    Accessory: A balance board with a gun wired to it.

    In this game you have to surf on a wave of zombies that have overrun the world. Your aim is to surf around buildings, sewers and even labs to find the cloning machine in Curien Mansion. You’ll have to balance or fall into the crowd of zombies, you use the gun for only one feature, shooting off zombies that grab onto your board. You can also upgrade your board from a plank of wood to a minigun.

    Tagline: Brains will be ridden.

  4. Ironing of the Dead/Sauna of the Dead. You are trying to do your ironing but zombies keep harassing you. You must fight them off with only an iron, whilst keeping an eye on the temperature in the room. Tagline: The hunt for brains just got steamier! (Obviously, it would be on steam)

    • And of course, a light gun-style iron with light up, sound-effect-making holes on its bottom would be included.

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