Snatcher is heading to Dreamcast

SEGA ADDICTS Snatcher Dreamcast

Some things never die. Like Sega Dreamcast, for example. With games like Redux: Dark Matters and NEO XYX still coming out, the console continues to live its mysterious and never-ending life. And now, thanks to the enthusiasm of guys at Collectorvision, we might be able to play Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher on Dreamcast at some point in the future.

The Sega CD cult classic will be remade with enhanced visuals and a remixed soundtrack. Not much else is known, so perhaps it’s too early to get excited.

Would you like to play Snatcher on Dreamcast? Tell us in the comments!

[Source: 16mega via Sega Bits]


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  1. thanks for fucking up something you had no business messing with gamester81.don’t support this release if any of you have any integrity left for gaming.i doubt this will happen anyways.why would konami give the rights to ”emulate” this (and you know for a fact it’s going to be poorly at best) when they can do it themselves.some might say they wouldn’t,well that’s kojima and konami’s choice,because they can.if you want to play the game for real then you’re going to have to flash some cash.that’s just the way it is.

  2. i guarantee that gamester81 and his cronnies will just download the rom that’s floating around the internet add filters and a remixed soundtrack (and by remix,i mean just shuffling the music around).then slap a $60.00 tag on it justifying the price because the real sega cd version costs $200.00 plus.hell it might be more than that considering what he was charging for those colecovision homebrews of his.i wonder how many of those he actually sold.i guess the bigger question is why the hell would you spend $100.00 on a over glorified multiclone colecovision cart with gamester81 in it?some of you guys are just whores.

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