Sit back and enjoy this behind-the-scenes footage of Sonic Boom

The Sonic Boom insanity has settled a bit, but that’s no reason to continue getting excited for the game and show. The trailer above shows a bit of footage from the game, as well as the direction the creators plan to move towards, but mainly includes entertaining footage of the voice cast in their natural environment. It’s great to see Mike Pollock (voice of Dr. Eggman) in action, as well as Roger Craig Smith (voice of Sonic), and the rest of the crew.

Along with the trailer, Sega announced the Sonic Boom voice cast:

•         Sonic                     Roger Craig Smith

•         Dr Eggman          Mike Pollock

•         Tails                       Colleen Villard

•         Knuckles              Travis Willingham

•         Amy                       Cindy Robinson

•         Orbot                    Kirk Thornton

•         Cubot                    Wally Wingert

•         Voice Director    Jack Fletcher

Stay tuned to this space for more info regarding the voice cast and Sonic Boom news!

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