Music in Schools Bundle; Get Music, Support Education!

When I reviewed The String Arcade by Dren McDonald, I encouraged all of you to go out and support this high quality album. Well, now you can do it, support a great cause, and also get a bunch more goodies by getting the Music in Schools Bundle. 

Growing up, I had the privilege of living in an area which supported the arts, and I had access to a fantastic selection of music programs; both in and out of school. Be it piano, violin, regular band, marching band, or just going over to a friend’s garage to annoy their parents with noise, I want to live in a world where absolutely everyone has these types of opportunities to explore music.

That’s where programs like The Alameda Music Project come in. It’s a music education program specifically aiming to bring “…tuition free music instruction to underserved children in Alameda, California.” If you believe in supporting the arts for those without access to programs, you can get the $20 Bundle which includes The String Arcade, 14 other albums, and 2 games; or a $50 Bundle which includes everything from the $20 Bundle, plus 52 more albums and 4 more games. This is an incredible deal even if you’re only in it for the charity. And hey, even if chamber music isn’t your speed, this bundle is bound to have an album for youFull details below from the official press release!

  • Donate $20 or more and get 15 albums including The String Arcade, soundtracks from Escape Goat 2, FTL Advance Edition, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and Fez, and a very rare release from the legendary experimental music pioneers The Residents!
  • Donate $50 or more and get a staggering 50+ game soundtracks (including all of the above); rare, out of print indie rock releases; and some great indie games (Audio Surf, Sequence and more) — a $600 + value!

Click here to buy these bundles and save the arts!

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