Sega Addicts Episode 61- Sonic Dirft and the Magical Buttplug


This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about the game that everyone (?) hoped would kill Mario Kart, Sonic Drift 2! Brett receives and unboxes a mysterious and wonderful birthday gift live on stream, and we discuss immersion-breaking elements in games. Check back next week for the game so good the Commodore 64 got it twice, Congo Bongo!

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The free game offer in the ad last week was no joke!  Continuing through 9 pm EST on March 7, 2016, we’ll be accepting Twitter DMs detailing why Brett should play Chapter 1 of Katawa Shoujo.  We’ll be reading these answers aloud on the March 7th podcast recording, and although Brett may not ACTUALLY play it, the person with the most compelling answer will win a Steam key for the Sega Classics Pack (1-5, your choice!) Share the love that is dating simulators!

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