Sega Addicts Episode 107- Konichiwa, Chef Boyardee OR Clubbin’ with Swery

Did you know Persona 5 released? Well you will, because that’s almost all anyone played. Except Scotty, because he’s real cool.

The Addicts also discuss Sonic Lost World in more detail than expected. Hopefully you really can decide if you want this game or not, because the Addicts are all over the place with our opinions.

And what do you think of Subs & Dubs? More specifically, subtitled video games and anime vs. dubbed. These dudes have a lot of feelings about them.

Finally, the Addicts spend more time than they probably should discussing ways that Pocky X should fit phallic objects into his artwork. Oh, and also these weirdos talk about unfair boss fights. Won’t You?

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