Sega Addicts Episode 108- We Will See If We Get A Movie Deal

We’ve got some Blast Processing coming at you this week with a discussion of Streets or Rage 3. If you forgot about the 90’s at all, Streets of Rage 3, and Iowa, sure will remind you how colorful it was and how much the kids love their basketball. And if they aren’t then they be ILLIN’.

Us Addicts also chit chat about the best “movement” in games from flying and running, to driving and… Downwell? And for some reason everyone tries to guess the first CD Scotty bought (as if we ever stay on track anyway)?

Pocky X also loses his mind at one point, and we discuss our favorite amusement parks after sharing some stories related to theft, vomit, and first dates. It’s amazing someone listens to this, isn’t it? Thanks!

Suggested talking points: Nick played by a cluster of sperm, Scotty played by James Van Der Beek, and Brett played by a 600ft Dany DeVito

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