Marathon Hype: What do you want us to play?

Every year Scotty keeps telling me about the schedule the Sega Addicts create after hours of planning. This year, however, Scotty tells me that they want to hear from you! What games do YOU want us to stream during the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon?

To get some ideas, the Addicts have taken to Reddit and already acquired a great amount of feedback . You can head to the topic right now and let us know what you want to see. Some of the top runners so far are Illbleed, Power Stone (no surprise), and some lesser known “gems,” such as Tokyo Bus Guide.

So hop on over to Reddit and let your voice be heard. I’ll be over hear kicking Scotty’s butt yet again in some analog games while we prepare for the Marathon.

And while you’re swimming around on the internet, don’t forget to help out our sponsors at Warp Zone and start donating to Extra Life.

Keep spreading the word, everyone! #StillThinking

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