Sega Addicts Episode 115- How Many Squirrel Girls?

This week, TJ Kitsune, Brett the Hatfield and Scotty discuss one of the lesser known, but more obscure Dreamcast launch titles: Blue Stinger. If anyone can save Dinosaur Island, clearly the Addicts are the ones for the job. Or maybe not. You decide?

The Addicts also discuss what can determine or immediately deter their excitement for upcoming games amongst gimmicks, add-ons, or even entire genres. Along with that Questionarium, you awesome people sent in tons of amazing questions that ended up taking up more than half the show! Remember to keep ’em coming through the Discord chat and twitter!

And don’t forget we have the annual 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon coming up! You can already donate at Extra Life!

Talking points: The skull of my firstborn child, Survival Horror, Sonic Generations, Retro slave


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