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MegaDriving: OutRun

I had wanted to save the subject of tonight’s MegaDriving for later on, but since it’s been one of the most often requested games to be featured, I figure, why not go ahead and give you folks what you want? So, without further adieu… Taking a joyride through beautiful locales,…


MegaDriving: Road Rash

Before I get into this week’s post, I just wanna thank everybody who gave me feedback on last week’s piece. As I’ve constantly said, I’m not any sort of a writer, so seeing such a positive reaction really made my week. Here’s hoping I can keep living up to expectations…


MegaDriving: Daytona USA

What do you get when you take someone who is a total gearhead and a (wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…) Sega Addict and has very little experience with writing, and give him an opportunity to write a weekly feature for this site? If you answered “a train wreck”, well……