Articles by Josh Newey


CONFIRMED: Crimson Dragon looks wicked sweet

Gaming’s biggest week may have come and gone, but the onslaught of awesome news-type tidbits is far from over. Above you’ll find some footage of a lava-kissed Crimson Dragon boss battle from the E3 show floor. Nothing showcases this game’s Panzer Dragoon roots like seeing it in glorious motion, and…


Crimson Dragon: now with traditional controller support

Yukio Futasugi’s long-missing Crimson Dragon has once again soared into view, carrying with it a few exciting new modifications. Chief among them? The oft-requested traditional controller support. Now confirmed to be an XBox One exclusive, this already lovely-looking title will predictably boast a whole new level of visual clarity. But that’s not all…


Sega reveals their E3 lineup

Sega has unveiled the games they’ll be showing at next week’s E3 Expo, and while no real shockers appear to be hiding behind the curtains, we will certainly have a few tasty morsels to look forward to. Sega will be showing: Sonic Lost World, which is making its hands-on debut….