Woefully accurate Sonic song

Ok, ok, I’m well aware that just about every Sonic fan has probably come across this song on the internets.   But if there’s even a single Sega Addict out there who hasn’t felt the sad, aching truth about recent Sonic releases transformed into a catchy tune and thus made much easier to swallow, I want to make sure they get the opportunity.

With “Sonic Doesn’t Need a Story”, gamer and all-around great musician Alex Day has articulated and vocalized several of the frustrations that many, if not all, retro Sonic lovers have been grappling with for the last decade.  Just about every point is hit, right down to Olympic games and…*shudders*… Hover skates.

Now, I’m pretty sure this song was written and recorded before Sonic 4’s announcement and all the hullaballoo that followed, so hopefully we’ll get a gleeful sequel once 4 (or heck, Colors!) pulls us out of this Sonic Slum. Give it a listen.  While you’re at it, check out Day’s website.  Great stuff.

[Source: Alexdaymusic.com]

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  1. I thought that the story was alright in sonic adventure 2, although the gameplay was also really good and the actual story usually took a backseat to the gameplay. Also, shadow was alright in sa2 because he did lots of things that sonic didn’t…. like have GODDAM SUPERPOWERS. He was also pretty crucial to the story even though he only had one mission, probably because they didn’t know how to put him into the game without exactly cloning sonic as far as gameplay goes, because he isn’t exactly like sonic and doesn’t just run around all the time.

    by the time sonic heroes came out though, i stopped caring about the story because it was extremely weak in sonic heroes and shadow had some kind of amnesia that i still don’t understand, also tails sounded like a 6 year old girl.

    … i think i just ranted a little

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