RetroN 3 plays Genesis, SNES, NES, is wireless

Destructoid posted about a Famiclone system that plays Genesis, SNES and NES games called the RetroN 3.It’s available now for $70.00 but is only $60.00 on Amazon.

I’ve been curious about these hybrid and third party consoles lately because being a retro gamer means two things. You obsessively cling to things like ancient hardware that can sometimes become unreliable in its old age and you have a billion wires tangled up behind your TV.

The system has ports for all the original controllers but also comes with two wireless controls that look like the 6 button Genesis controllers.

What do you think of third party consoles? 60 bucks doesn’t seem too bad if it works well. Maybe I’ll pick one up and review it. Talk about it in the comments.

[source: Destructoid]