Shenmue Dojo relaunches, is beautiful, makes me ache

Shenmue’s dedicated fanbase is pretty steadfast, and there’s no better evidence of that than the multitude of fansites that feed the fire.

One such site that had for a long time served as the primary stomping grounds for fans, Shenmue Dojo has recently relaunched with a new look, and it knocks the feel of our beloved series right out of the park.  It’s no wonder it’s one of the oldest Sega fansites in existence.
Every time I hear anything fan-related about Shenmue, I experience simultaneous giddiness and heartache.  It’s nice to know that fanbase is still as present and resilient as they ever were.  As time goes on, though, what that translates to is being incredibly skilled at plugging their ears, shaking their heads and singing, “LALALALALA” as realists shout that their beleaguered sequel won’t come.

Anyway, check out the new site.  It’s truly a thing of beauty.  Tell them you’re looking for some sailors. It’ll be funny.

[Source: Sega Europe Blogs via Sega Neptune]

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  1. The new site is so beautiful it knocked me off my forklift

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