July 2010


MegaDriving: Virtua Racing

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you might’ve noticed I’ve been on a bit of a Formula 1 kick this past week. I was finally able to follow a race for once (usually they’re on at some ungodly part of the morning I can’t be bothered to be awake…


Not-so Classic Games: Wirehead

Wirehead is touted by many as being indescribable. Last week our very own Stevie couldn’t put this game into words.  In fact, he claims that nothing more can be said about the game than what he himself wrote. Naturally, I see that as a challenge. That’s right, I’m going to…


Sega is hiring (In the US now)

Hey!  Americans!  Remember when Sega announced that they were looking for an Assistant Producer for their UK chapter?  Remember being thoroughly pissed that somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic someone just like you was getting employed by the house that Sonic built?  Well, it’s America’s turn.  Sega America…