Sega Addicts episode 23 records tonight! For real this time!

Tonight we will be joined by Sega’s Aaron Webber to discuss all things Valkyria Chronicles. With Valkyria Chronicles 2 coming out on PSP this month and the demo being available on PSN today it sure seems like the perfect topic for today, doesn’t it? If you’ve got some questions about the series or on another topic for Aaron just leave them in the comments below. Aaron is known for knowing everything about anything so no question you ask will be able to stump him.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet check out our amazing Valkyria Chronicles contest this week brought to you graciously by Mr. Webber himself.

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  1. Question for Aaron: What prompted the move to PSP?

    Also question for everyone: Pajama pants; solid color, pattern, or cartoon characters

  2. Questions for Aaron: How does the difficulty of Sonic 4 stack up to the difficulty of the original 4 main games on the Genesis/Megadrive?
    Are there any plans to localize any Sega games from the past few years that haven’t come here yet such as Shining Force Feather, 7th Dragon, and Ry? ga Gotoku Kenzan!

    Questions for all: Favorite chain restaurant?
    Favorite beverage?

  3. 1: Why only PS3? ToT

    2: If all of you had one thing to say to Kris on his glorious birthday, involving sumo-wrestler penguins and sweet corn, what would it be?

  4. For all the Shining Force fans: YOU GUIZ NEED TO TALK ABOUT SHINING FORCE FOR THE SEGA AGES! *(Breathes in and out a paper bag.*)

    Make sure it’s that SJRPG (strategy japanese role playing game) not that Hn’Slash $h*t!

    – Valkyrie Chronicles anime… Ever watch?
    – Do any of you watch anime in general? (Fansubber here.)
    – Why no more Sonic Fanfics?
    – Do emails normally get any responses back? (Sent one for ep 22 to be added in.)
    – (If anything make sure to add this question.) When playing SJRPGs like VC, when said char dies (gone for good) do you continue playing like nothing happened (like the sadistic bastard you are) or replay and replay that map till you perfected it? (Fire Emblem is a good example of this, on HARD.)

    @ Manic Maverick:

    – *Puts hands together, slaps feet on ground, while wearing a Prinny suit, eating a Corn-On-The-Cob…*


  5. Additional question:

    Got the game never played it due to be absorbed in Bayonetta…

    – Who’s idea was it to add in a love triangle with the MC hero? (Heard this from Zero Punctuation’s review)

    – Are there even more characters like the ones that were added in from Skies of Arcadia?

    – And will there EVER be a sequel to Skies of Arcadia? (or at least a remake!?)

  6. Were there any character in VC that you always pick. For example my was Vyse and Aika.

  7. Did you know that media is Fina from SoA. Are you upset that there no SoA in VC 2. Should sega add more sega character in VC like Ryo, beat and so on

  8. More question
    I have a short story of me playing VC so hard and I had all these strategy in my mind but I stop playing for a while and I lost all those strategy so I just restarted the game(doesn’t matter to me because it still a great game) Has that happen to you in any game

  9. I actually thought this was going to be about Saint Seiya before I read the words.

  10. I actually bought the game before I even had a PS3, do I get a prize?

    I know others have already asked about the Vyse and Aika, but was the fan response to them about what you expected or did it surprise you?

  11. I love you, Manic Maverick, I really do.

  12. Also, sorry guys, due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re delaying this until Thursday evening. Sorry about that!

  13. Since Yahtzee (the one from ZP yet again; I had to rewatch it once more…) was bitching about Auto Save, will it THIS TIME have Auto-Save as a function just incase we screw up somewhere and don’t have to redo that part again?

    Yeah I know Auto-save has it’s good and bad points (bad – see: The Nightmare of Druaga / good see: Bayonetta, can’t think of any others like that but they’ll come soon.) so just work with me here.

  14. Question to everyone: What was your favorite arcade game in the arcade?

    Question to Aaron Webber: Will SEGA ever port Valkyria Chronicles to other consoles besides the Sony ones?

  15. Remember when I said in the listener’s podcast we did a while back that I would jizz in my pants if you guys made a Valkyria Chronicles podcast.

    Well, I just did.

    I love this game so much :3

  16. To Aaron: How will you get your coworkers back for transforming your desk into a Sonic utopia? Will your revenge be NiGHTS flavored?

  17. How did you get started at SEGA? How did you get started in videogames?

  18. Also if you google ‘Aaron Webber Sega’ we’re the second result

  19. Well this is apt, I just pre-ordered VC2 today!

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