Mostly Translated News: Gettenka World War One Battle Royal History!

So Sega just finished it’s livestream, which was pretty much just trailers.  However, one game really caught my eye.  No not Yakuza Zombie Chaingun Arm Of The End, but a game I thought was called Cute Samurai Smash Bros.  SO CUTE!!!

Anyway, I went on a tear looking for info.  I tracked down the website through (JOURNALISMS!!!).  There I found mostly facts about an arcade card game I think.  Hey, it was all in Japanese!  But, I found another side called which is basically just a flyer for the game.  I tried to save and download what I thought was a PDF so I could post it here.  But somehow I TRANSLATED IT!!!  SERIOUSLY!!  I love computers.  This is what we’ve got so far.

Hit the jump for the translated text.

A Battle Royal history world war [Gettenka official has sites

Scoop shock! Released in November! Battle against four Gettenka DS version!

It’s called “A battle royal world!”

Gettenka how I found the DS to appear! Moreover, it appeared in the Warring States Battle Action Battle Royal in which four people play! For details, follow-up wait!

“Ryoma Sunrise” card

Ryoma Gettenkabatoru fought him! ? Never take a break and get booking!

Reservations being praised!


Action game
Play Hard
Nintendo DS
4 players
Expected to release in November
Note: Images are in development.
Note: Benefits are subject to availability. Please confirm whether the Book Award stores
Note: The Nintendo DS is a registered trademark of Nintendo
Product Information
A battle royal world war history Gettenka
Models for
Nintendo DS
Release Date
Expected Release November 25, 2010
5,040 yen (tax included)
Sengoku Battle Action
1 to 4
Wireless game, Download Play
CERO notation

Plan review

Please let this come the North America!  I want little Samurais to fight!  Seeming that its a download game based off a Japanese arcade card game (from what I can tell), it’s a rather lofty dream.   BUT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!!!

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